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Spider-Man Unlimited updated - just not the Windows Phone version

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Jameson then looked at the Spider-Man suit display as he smirked, "The power of press drove him away. The menace Spider-Man. Now all of Remnant will never have to hear of his existence again. There was that one time when you announced him being an alien leader stoked on taking over the world. Aliens under the shadows with Spider-Man powers. Figured there had to be a connection. Guess he was a menace even without those aliens. Doesn't matter now, since that wall-crawling freak is done for.

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Peter Parker smiled as he thought, 'My first real photography assignment. Fingers crossed of much I'll get to take those pictures at the fundraiser.

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  • Peter blushed shyly as the girls walked pass him while giggling amongst themselves. Peter then frowned as he remembered when he and Venus used to be inseparable. Heck, even remembered their engagement. Then Peter found out the Venus he was with was a clone with the Anti-Venom symbiote. He still loved her, either way.

    Peter sometimes still hoped to be reunited with the real Venus Deterzo even though it has been six months. Shane was watching the Spider-Man movie when Peter walked inside. Peter smiled as he remembered when he and his old teammates went to the movie studio with Sam Webb. They messed up the Goblin. He's supposed to be a good guy.